Healthy eating is human: excitement, challenges, and 3 things you can do

If you ask a group of people who eat healthy means for them, you might get different answers at any time.

For some people, eating healthy means reining in fast food habits or consuming more fruits and vegetables, while for others it might mean occasionally enjoy a piece of cake without feeling guilty.

But still, those who have certain medical conditions and even food allergies can make the concept of healthy eating concepts in their own unique ways.

In short, there is no correct answer for what it means to eat healthy.

Healthy eating is humans, and as humans, we all have different desires and needs, which inevitably influence our food choices.

What’s more, what is the meaning of healthy eating for you can even change the entire stage of your life when you grow and adapt to your changing needs.

This article explores the human side to eat healthy, and I give your own tip to make it easier.

What does it mean to eat healthy for me
Healthy eating definitions have changed for me several times in recent years.

At the time of me in college, eating healthy is about following the nutritional guidelines and do everything by books. However, that means my view of the food on my plate has changed. I went from seeing the food I enjoyed just seeing nutrients.

Suddenly, I went from seeing traditional Costa Rico Gallo Pinto – or rice and nuts – to see complex carbohydrates and plant-based proteins.

Then, when I started practicing as a nutritionist, the idea that nutritionists should be seen in a certain way or matching certain types of body make me believe that eating healthy means measuring my food to find out exactly what I consume. I will eat whatever I want, during the nutrients I need is accounted for.

I give my body everything needed to be healthy, but eating healthy beyond nutrition. It’s also about how it makes you feel, and with food into an important part of culture and social events, eating must be something we enjoy.

Today I have a different approach to eating healthy. I was far more flexible with my food, and I understood that the balance was the key to being maintained and happy with food.

Healthy eating now means that, most of the time, I make sure to have food from all the food groups on my plate without measuring anything or thinking about plant-based proteins vs. simple vs.

This also means that I can enjoy a little everything – including candy, fast food, and desserts – with moderation and without needing to measure or include it.

As you can see, find a successful balance for me not happening overnight. Instead, my definition of healthy eat has changed because I have gone through various stages of my life.

As long as you aim to maintain your body and listen to what is needed, you can also provide healthy eating your own meaning, because healthy eating is for everyone.

For me, eating healthy is about nourishing your body and making peace with food at the same time. Your definition of healthy eating can change over time when you grow up and your priorities change.

See a bigger picture
As many things in life, eating healthy don’t always end when you plan.

You might find yourself stuck at work late at night or too tired to prepare dinners cooked by home, and that doesn’t mean that you don’t have to order take-out and really enjoy it.

If healthy eating means flexible with what you eat, you must learn to adapt to circumstances, which can occur more often than not.

In the case when I chose food at the current spurs, I tried to choose the best choice of what I gave. Every time I can, I try to order the closest thing to food cooked by home or go for sandwiches, salads, or bowls.

However, sometimes I crave pizza – so I eat and enjoy it too!

At times like this, I remember to see a bigger picture. That is, that healthy eating is not defined by single food but by our choice of making day after day.

A close friend once told me the saying that walked, “One bad food will not make you sick, just like one good food won’t make you healthy.”

When it comes to eating healthy, one meal does not define your habits – the whole food choices you do.

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